How to Deal with Trauma After a Car Accident

how to deal with trauma after a car accident

A car crash is a traumatic experience. The primary focus of accident victims is often medical treatment. However, many people prioritize recovering from physical injuries and don’t address the emotional effects of the incident. Ignoring psychological trauma caused by a car accident can be detrimental to your overall recovery and the outcome of your case. […]

Statute of Limitations for Myrtle Beach Car Accidents

statute of limitations for myrtle beach car accidents

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Myrtle Beach, you have the right to file a claim for compensation against the party who caused your losses. However, South Carolina limits the time a claimant has to file a personal injury lawsuit. Understanding these deadlines can help you know what steps you need to […]

Is a Car Accident a Traffic Violation?

is a car accident a traffic violation

Many personal injury cases involve car accidents caused by a traffic violation. If a driver violates the rules of the road and injures you as a direct result, they might be responsible for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. However, while traffic violations often cause car accidents, the accident itself is not a […]

Head Injuries from Car Accidents

head injuries from car accidents

Head injuries are among the most consequential that could result from a car accident. If a head injury affects the brain, a patient could face widespread and life-altering neurological complications. Today’s post will discuss the different types of head injuries, how they’re treated, and how someone injured in an accident someone else caused could pursue […]

How to Read an Accident Report

how to read an accident report

The officer who responds to a car accident should write and file an accident report, called a collision report in South Carolina, with the state. While the report can provide crucial information about what happened, it doesn’t necessarily prove fault. The accident report represents the officer’s findings and opinions about who caused the crash. Because […]

Can a Minor Car Accident Cause Injury?

yates attorneys

The time after a car accident can be overwhelming and disorienting. It may seem like it happened in the blink of an eye, and you could still be wondering what occurred. This can be the case even in accidents that seem relatively minor. People naturally try to classify events like accidents by whether they were […]